Dowling Bands Win Overall Grand Champion at Perry Band Olympics

Dowling solo and ensemble performers took home the Overall Grand Champion trophy on February 16, 2019, at the 35th Annual Perry Band Olympics.

The Perry Band Olympics is both a competition and a festival – so schools do compete against one another in a way.

Here’s a list of the Dowling performers/groups who WON their categories:

  • 9-10 Tenor Sax Solo A – Riley McElroy
  • 9-10 Mallet Solo A – Alex Ryan
  • 9-10 Horn Solo C – Marion Mathew
  • 11-12 Clarinet Solo C – Joshua Nguyen
  • 9-10 Alto Sax Solo A – Nick Celsi
  • 11-12 Mallet Solo C – Kaleb Roberson
  • 11-12 Trombone Solo B – Alex Schwarte
  • 11-12 Bassoon Solo A – Jayne Ancona
  • 9-10 Large Ensemble B – Clarinet Choir
  • 11-12 Unlike Duet A – Nguyen/Schwarte
  • 9-10 Quartet A – Heaston/Leyser/Nguyen/Nguyen

Dowling finished 2nd in Class I (large schools) with an average score of our top 25 performers of 9.04. This was an improvement of .16 points over last year where DCHS scored an 8.88. Overall, our score this year (9.04) is a bit better than average for our top 25 entries over the years.

All schools in all classes are eligible for the “Grand Champion.” For that award, the average score of ALL students is considered instead of just the top 25. So, every student matters, and division ratings matter more now since we’re including all of our entries. We had 75 entries this year.

This is the second year in a row where DCHS won the grand championship and the 10th since 2005. It was our highest average score per student since Mr. Hoover began keeping records 15 years ago. We scored a 6.227 average score per entry this year, which was 1.227 points ahead of 2nd place.

Congrats to all!