1303802Looking for photos?

We share photo highlights on our photo website (Dowling Bands on Zenfolio). It has photos from band events since 2011.  Zenfolio photos may be downloaded for free — and you may use them to create photo books or share with family and friends. Zenfolio also has photo printing and photo gift services for purchase.

Looking for videos?

Videos from 2017 & 2018 are on Zenfolio and are not password protected. Click here!

Archived videos from 2006-2016 (including both short clips and full performance videos) are available on the Dowling Band page on Vimeo.

Looking for collages?

Section and Custom collages are available to order until February 19. A list of available sections is online in the order form. Payments can be made by either check or Credit Card. All net proceeds from band collages go to the Band Aid fundraiser.

$50 – Stock collages – any band section, including the Class of 2019 collage
$75 – Custom collages (you give us direction and we’ll do our best to create)

Online order form for Band Collages: