Dowling Band Grad Showcased on San Francisco Symphony web site

Dowling Catholic Graduate Jacob Nissly (01) is profiled on the San Francisco Symphony web site for his Principal Percussionist role with the symphony.  Nissly, a member since 2013, shares his experiences and reflects on the teachers in his life who shaped his career and talents.

nisslyjpeg“Some of the best teachers I have had were the teachers who very much encouraged me to explore all modes of music making whether it be in a rock and role band or jazz ensemble, Nissly says in his video profile.

Dowling Catholic Band Director Steve Holland is equally complimentary of  Nissly saying, “Jacob played drum set in Jazz ensemble, center snare in marching band, and was all around great percussionist in Symphony Band.  When not assigned to play in Symphony Band he would read the Wall Street Journal to stay out of trouble!”



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